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  I had a long holiday for National Day 。I was very happy,because I could do anything I want。During those days。I enjoyed myself。At first,I went to the zoo to see lovely animals。And then。I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes。That was very interesting。Secondly I went for a trip with my parents,we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods。We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children。It was very exciting。After that,I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house。My mother bought a lot of tasty foods for us,we also took many photos on the party。We played very happy。I also watched lots of carton films at home,they were wonderful。I like the holiday。I like my National Day。





  Everyone has his own dream。 Some want to be doctors。 Others hope to be scientists。 My dream is to become a teacher。

  Teachers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best to teach us how to learn。 Thanks to them, we learn knowledge。 And at the same time, we learn how to live a happy life。 They spend most time on their students。 They are great in my eyes。

  I hope to be a teacher because I admire teachers。 I know it is not easy to make my dream come true。 But I decide to study harder from now on。 I am sure my dream will come true。



  老师不仅能在学校教给我们许多事情,而且他们尽力教会我们如何去学习。感谢他们,我们学到了知识。并且在同时,我们知道怎么幸福地生活。 他们花费他们大多数时间在他们的学生身上。他们在我的眼里是伟大的




  I have a good friend。 His name is Karen。 This year he is fifteen years old。 I grew up in the friend with him。 He has big eyes laugh will curved。 His nose is of medium size。 He is a hybrid of boys。 His mother is American。 Karen"s eyes and his mother is blue is very beautiful。 He is very kind。 He will always help me solve the problem when I meet with difficulties。 I always want to give up in the face of difficulties。 But he always encourages me to let me try not to give up。 Karen taught me a lot。 I learned from him to make friends with others to tolerance。 Karen"s cheerful personality has also led to the development of my introverted。





  Most people in China have the habit of saving money。 For them, spending less and saving more is the best way to manage their money。 But in my opinion, people should spend more and save less for at least three reasons。

  First of all, spending more may help people save money in the long run。 For example, if you spend more money a product of good-quality, it actually costs much less than the cheaper one because it is more durable and convenient to use。 Besides, spending more is part of enjoying life。 People do not live for money, so why do people not spend more to raise their standard of living? It is human nature to lead a comfortable and happy life。 In addition, spending more can motivate people to work harder and more efficiently to increase their money。 Consequently, productivity can be improved and society as a whole can develop more rapidly, which is conducive to social progress。

  So, spending more benefits both individuals and society。 I think that people should spend more and abandon altogether the idea of spending less and saving more。







  As we all know,smoking is the strongest army in our life。It can not be banned completely because a lot of companies need it to make a living。However,it really does much harm to our health。It is an invisional killer killing us and destroying our bodies gradually。

  In fact,I think the smoking should be banned not completely。On one hand,the number of people who smoke will decrease,on the other hand,there is also huge profit for the cigrette companies。After all,people do not like sacrifing themslves to give the army benefits。So I think""smoking shouldnt be banned completely""is a really good piece of advice for the whole country。





作文讲评教学随笔【第一篇:作文讲评教学反思】  本次作文讲评让我印象非常深刻,深刻的原因不在于上课本身,而在于课前准备的过程及课后的评点,因此,我将本次作文讲评的前前后后一并做了记叙与总结。  11月26日作文收上来之后,在评改当中发现,学生的写作能力比我想象的要好,尤其是卢滢宇同学的优秀作文《教师随笔 > 老师随笔
孩子是我们的希望和未来,是祖国未来的接班人和建设者,中华民族伟大的复兴不仅仅靠我们这一代人,更靠下一代,百年大计,教育为本。但是我们如何教育好我们的下一代,为祖国培养好接班人呢?  对学生的教育,仁者见仁 智者见智 ,公说公有理 ,婆说婆有理,有人主张应该爱学生,爱生如子吗?为了学生的一切,为了教师随笔 > 老师随笔
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导语:教育家陈鹤琴先生说:“凡是孩子自己能做的事,让他自己去做。”下面是随笔网小编整理的《自已的事情自已做托班教育随笔》,欢迎阅读。  自已的事情自已做托班教育随笔【第一篇】:自己的事情自己做  上课了,小朋友都坐在了自己的小椅子上。鸿宇最后进来,他站到了自己的位子上。我发现他一直站着,于是问道教育随笔 > 教育随笔
多媒体计算机教学具有形象直观、内容丰富、动态呈现、信息容量大等特点,它所提供的外部刺激——图片、图像、动画、声音、文字等等是多样而丰富的。计算机教学从多方面刺激学生感官,创设出生动有趣、跨越时空、交互性强的教学环境,通过人机交互作用,可以帮助学生解答各种问题。下面是随笔网小编整理的《信息技术对教教育随笔 > 教育随笔
在我不是班主任的班级,也许你是缺乏威严吧,笔记本催得我都快成了黄世仁了,可是交上来的人依旧寥寥。  今天我痛下杀手,下午两节作文课我勒令余下没有交的学生必须全部交上来,否则用教鞭打手(我只威吓他们而已,从来没有使用过)。淫威之下果然奏效,一摞摞的日记本,第二节课就整齐地码放在课桌上了。  我本该教育随笔 > 教育随笔
年底的这次语文期末考试,年级平均分达到了82分,我们八年级语文组获得了优秀语文备课组的称号,在开学典礼上受到了学校表彰。更让人自豪的是,我们班有个学生破天荒的获得语文单科第1名。  其实我们是有自知之明的,语文分数有时候很不确定,比如作文。我们看了看教研室下发的语文分数统计,我们学校的作文平均分教育随笔 > 教育随笔
500初中作文随笔【第一篇】:500初中作文随笔  快考试了,我坐在桌旁,望着那做不完的作业,我的心中又一次喃喃地说:这么多的作业,什么时候才能拿起我心爱的纸和笔,去把心中的欢喜向人们诉说;把家乡的美丽繁荣向世人宣颂;去幻想宇宙的奥秘……  闲暇时,望着蔚蓝的天空,悠悠的白云,快活的小鸟,它们是学生随笔 > 初中随笔
导语:在初中阶段,学习英语是一件艰难却又十分重要的事情,英语对我们的学习十分重要,我们应该寻找适合的学习方法去学习。下面是随笔网小编为你整理的《初中英语英语作文随笔》,欢迎大家阅读和欣赏!  初中英语英语作文随笔【第一篇】:初中英语作文随笔  Everyone has their own dre学生随笔 > 初中随笔


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